Technical and Specialized Skills; Learning New Skills

Sometimes for a job, school or even for our own personal lives, we are put in a position where we need to learn a specialized skill, often of a technical variety. These skills can be extremely specialized and perhaps only really applicable to a certain number of situations or more broadly applicable across a field of work or study. Many of these skills enhance your resume or overall quality of life.

Examples of Specialized Skills

1) Computer Software; Microsoft programs are the first thing that come to mind here, the more general ones (like excel) will help you in almost any position and situation. More specific software, such as specific marketing software, may be only applicable to certain roles and/or companies.

2) Computer Coding; back end web developers especially need this skill. It is difficult an takes time to learn as there are many languages and aspects, but can be extremely helpful.

3) Trades/Labour skills; these skills help those looking to work in the trades or construction but also those looking to renovate their homes or be more handy around the house.

4) Translation and Interpretation; these skills are extremely technical and take a lot of time to develop and obtain. There is a lot more to translation than just changing words from one language to another.

How to Obtain Specialized Skills

1) Courses or Programs

Educational institutions are a great way to gain specialized skills. Depending on what you are looking for, there are full programs or just individual courses. Check the course listings and requirements at local institutions.

2) Online

Sometimes its as simple as finding tutorials online and teaching yourself, that way it is on your own watch and schedule and saves you a bucket of money, especially if you do not need a formal certificate to prove you are skilled.