Negotiation Skills; Learning New Skills

Negotiation isn’t just a back and forth of two parties defending their views, perspective or objective. Negotiation is more than that, it is about two different perspectives working together to resolve a problem or issue. The skills required to negotiate are tricky to develop and require patience and often professional insight. A few tips to help you work on being a better negotiator:

1) Consider WHY both sides are at the table.

Instead of simply coming to the table, knowing what you want, and aiming high until you claw back to your bare minimum, take a minute to consider and really give some thought to why both parties are there and why you both want what you want.

2) Be personable

It is not fraternizing with the enemy to be polite, or even friendly. Don’t you think negotiating with someone you relate to and get along with would be more pleasant? Though you are neogiating for a reason and sit on opposite sides of the figurative fence, make sure to engage and create a safe and cooperative space. Understand that there is a time and place for being friendly, being serious and everything in between. Work on making sure to maintain that balance.

3) Listen

The most important part of a negotiation (arguably) is listening. Listen carefully not only to what the other party is saying but also HOW. Create thoughtful responses and address each point. Listening helps keeps things on track and enhances efficiency.

4) Have a Strategy

A negotiation strategy is a key factor in a successful negotiation and helps make sure that you get what you want from the process. No matter the size of scope of the negotiations, have a plan, even if it is in your head. THis serves as a road map to make sure things stay on track .