Learn How to Play Roulette

So you have decided that the newest tool for your figurative toolbox is Roulette? Well you have come to the right place. Here you will find out everything you need to know about playing, winning and enjoying the game of Roulette.

Before You Get Started

Before you can learn and start playing the game, it is important you understand the equipment and all of the basic elements of the game first.

Roulette actually directly translates from french to “little wheel” which is fitting. On the little wheel there are 36 numbers in addition to a 0. A small white ball spins around this wheel before it-you guessed it- lands on one of the 36 numbers (or 0). Basically you put a bet on the table before the white ball starts spinning around and your goal is to bet on the number on which the ball lands when the wheel stops spinning.

In terms of the bet, there are inside and outside bets and there are a number of betting options within each of these categories. You will have to choose according to your playing preference and according to what odds you are looking for.

How to Play

1) Find a table. Obviously before you can play, you need a table. Head to the casino or buy your own online if you are committed! Or you could try out roulette online.

2) (Optional): Watch a game or two before you play or bet to better understand the dynamic, pace and flow of the game

3) Hand the dealer your chips; you will hand them over and decide what they are worth. This allows you to bet easily and honestly.

4)Place bets. This is done when the dealer clears the table. Understand that the minute that ball hits the wheel, there are no more bets accepted. Make sure you understand the appropriate betting protocol.