Learn How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is another great game for beginners all the way to professionals in the world of gambling and card gaming. The game is beautifully simple but also requires strategic thinking and a certain set of skills.

Before you Play

Before you start playing, understand the basics of Blackjack. Firstly, the game can and is sometimes played with the standard 52 card deck. More commonly, and often preferred by players, is the six deck version of the game.

Once you have chosen your preference, it is important you understand the object of the game. Ultimately, you are looking to get as close to 21 as possible, closer than your oponents and the dealer. If you go over 21, you unfortunately will lose. Note that the value of the ace is determined by players and the dealer (whoever that may be).

How to Play

1) Placing Bets; Bets are given by each player to the dealer before any cards are dealt or touched. if you play blackjack online, you still can’t touch your cards until the dealer signals.

2) One player is chosen to cut the deck

3) Each player is dealt two cards face up except the dealer, who has one card face down. Players will accept more cards until they feel they are closer to 21 than the dealer. Note that if you receive a natural (aka an ace and a ten card), you are paid one and a half times your bet. The terminology used is “hit” if they want another card or “stand” if they are comfortable with what they have.

4) Upon serving each player, the dealer turns his cards up to reveal what his cards add up to. If the sum of his two cards is under 16, he must take another card, until he is over 17 at which point he must stand.