How to Learn a New Language

Learning a language is arguably one of the trickier skills and skill sets to develop and learn. Some languages are similar and others have virtually no similarities, some even use entirely different letters and alphabets. Here you will find some tips to consider when learning a new language.

1) Learn about the language and culture;

In general, we tend to be more likely to follow through and learn things that we are excited about and interested in. Read some books, learn your stuff, look at pictures, watch movies, or even go on a trip (if you can). Immerse yourself and become passionate.

2) Grab a partner;

Whether it is exercise or learning a language, we all work better and are more motivated when we work alongside a partner. Find someone who is interested in the same language and hopefully for the same reasons.

3) Consider Relevance;

Focus on the practicality aspect, learn what you will actually say. Focus on plain terms, everyday language and practical jargon that you can apply. This will help you practice because it will be sayings and phrases that you will feel comfortable and practical using. You will find yourself using the language more this way.

4) Listen

It is important not only to practice verbally but by listening as well. If you have the opportunity, listen to the radio or watch a movie or television show in the language you are learning. Try starting with subtitles in English (or whatever your native tongue is) then once you have watched the show a few times with subtitles, try without. This is a great way to listen to the language spoken informally as opposed to simply learning formal structure, grammar and vocabulary.

5) Set Goals

Realistic and feasible goals will help you stay on track and hold yourself accountable, especially if you have decided to learn a language outside the classroom setting.