Decision Making; Learning New Skills

You are likely faced with decisions everyday; decisions from what to wear all the way to how much to spend on a house, budgets at work, etc. Decision making isn’t easy and it is a skill we all spend our whole lives working on. Here are some tips to improve your decision making skills:

1) Measure the Costs vs Benefits; make a list, write it down, add up costs (nominal and otherwise) and measure against potential benefits. This is relatively subjective (especially when it comes to non financial and personal decision making). Take your time doing this to ensure it is effective.

2)Process of elimination; sometimes it helps to make a list of options and narrow down the list through process of elimination to help narrow feasible options

3)Keep it in perspective; remember the context of your decision, if it is a matter of where to eat dinner, keep it simple, don’t overthink small decisions and don’t undervalue big decisions.

4) Knowledge is power; at risk of stating the glaringly obvious: research is important. Understand and look into different options thoroughly before making any decisions or judgement calls. Use any and all resources at your disposal.

5) Designate Roles; if you are in a group decision making setting, ensure that there is only one leader and that the roles within the group are clearly defined to ensure efficient and effective communication and decision making.

6) Conflict Management; Manage risks and conflicts that have or could arise. This is especially pertinent in a group setting where there is the risk of derailing the conversation and ultimately the risk of the wrong decision being made.

7) Use the greater good as a reference point; remember to try and focus on doing what is best for and what will benefit the largest amount of people/individuals.